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Thajul Uloom Joint AID

> To implement schemes to do away with interest from the society

 > To support and lift the poor and needy by giving them interest free loans

 > To help and encourage the people interest free schemes within the jurisdiction of the organization

 > To give short term or long term financial aid to the down trodden to find schemes to lift them to the common stream

>  To give talented students interest free loans and scholarships and set up vocational centers if necessary

 > To mobilize fund and invest it in value added agricultural or trading enterprises and thereby help the poor are the aims of the organization 


SlNo Name Designation Job
1 K.S. Abdul Sathar Haji Chairman Business
2 T. Saifudheen Vice Chairman Business
3 K. Abdul Jaleel Haji General Secretary Business
4 K.V. Moossan Kutty Secretary  
5 Haneefa Haji Treasurer Business
6 Dr. K.P. Sainul Abidheen Member Doctor
7 Prof. K. Mahmood Member Professor
8 B.P. Abu Shyam Member Business
9 K.P. Habeeb Thangal Member Business


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